KTech Farms

A Small Farm Tour

Now that we’re starting to get into the main growing season, I thought I’d take you on a tour of my little farm. My farm’s called KTech Farms for two reasons. My main method of production is through hydroponics, which tends to be more technology-reliant than traditional growing. I come from a tech background and […]

Digital Record Keeping for Your Farm

My first year growing produce, I struggled to keep decent records about what was going on. Tracking what I grew, what was harvested, and what I actually sold was intermittent and hard to follow.  The records I did make are in a spreadsheet, but looking over them this year doesn’t really help like I thought […]

My First Season at a Farmer’s Market

  My First Season At a Farmer’s Market September 23rd was my last market this year. Growing up, I was at the farmer’s market all the time, so this isn’t technically my “first season,” but I was actually running a booth of my own this time instead of just working one. After attending markets for […]

The KTech Farms Origin Story

The KTech Farms Origin Story Today, I wanted to take a few minutes to share how KTech Farms got started. Everything begins with a desire, and my desire to start a farm actually came many years ago, when I helped my grandparents on their farm in St. Louis. They had several acres and grew various […]

Welcome to KTech Farms

Welcome to KTech Farms! Hey there, and welcome to KTech Farms!  My name’s Kevin, and I created KTech Farms in February of 2023 in an attempt to create an urban farm that combines hydroponic and regenerative growing methods. These blog posts are meant to share my knowledge and experiences in the process and, hopefully, help […]

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