KTech Farms


The KTech Story

Our mission, values, and history


  • At KTech Farms, our mission is to increase the availability of nutrient-dense food in the local community while helping and teaching others how to grow their own food. 
  • We will create a replicable model that others can easily follow in order to increase the number of farmers and small-scale urban farms throughout the country. 
  • We will be the first small-scale farm that operates in space (someone has to feed Musk’s mars expedition)!


  • Honesty – We will always be straight forward and forthcoming with our operations and business practices.
  • Transparency – We will be open about how our systems work and what goes on behind the scenes. We will make it as easy as possible for individuals to work on and repair any of our products on their own.
  • Integrity – We will always do what is right, both morally and ethically, even if it’s not considered popular or profitable.
  • Leadership – We will lead by example and not expect others to do something we would not do ourselves.
  • Community – We will build up and support our community, bringing people closer together.


KTech Farms was founded in 2023 by Kevin Williams, and utilizes hydroponics to grow a variety of fresh herbs, vegetables, and microgreens.

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